ATLAS Team Code of Ethics

  • Must report any abuse/neglect of a vulnerable person (child/adult), misconduct by individuals or agencies to the Department of Human Services and/or the local Police Department.

  • Maintain an objective, non-possessive relationship with clients at all times. The team member must not exploit clients or other team members sexually, financially, or emotionally. Appropriate boundaries must be maintained between contacts and team members.

  • Adhere to nondiscriminatory behavior on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, marital status, political belief, mental or physical handicap, or any other preference or personal characteristic, condition, or status. ATLAS should also not discriminate against clients on the matter of religion. ATLAS services are open to everyone; however, ATLAS is a Christian organization and team members must have a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and acknowledge Him as their personal Lord and Savior and lead a life which reflects that relationship.

  • Assist clients and/or families to help themselves and maintain a willingness and ability to recognize when it is in the client's and/or the client's family's best interest to refer or release the client to another program.

  • Maintain knowledge of community resources and make appropriate referrals.

  • Respect the rights and view of other professionals and agencies.

  • Abide by ATLAS policies, procedures, and regulations that maintain and improve the delivery of services.

  • Assess personal competence and operate only within your skills and/or training.

  • Accurately represent your own qualifications and affiliations.

  • Maintain ongoing personal growth spiritually, mentally, and physically.

  • Dedicate work in ATLAS to offering service that will maximize life and uphold the meaning of "walking the road of life."

  • Respect and honor the basis of the principles on which ATLAS was founded, that being the principles of the Word of God.

ATLAS Board Members

  • John Van Diepen - President
  • Deb Kosters - Secretary
  • Gary Hielkema
  • Steve Swensen
  • Brad Jensen
  • Bonnie Gregg
  • Peg Van Kley


955 2nd Avenue
Sibley, Iowa
(712) 754-4311
Fax: (712) 754-4337
Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00-5:00
Jun-Aug: Closed Fridays