ATLAS Statement of Understanding

I (the client) fully understand:

1. ATLAS of Osceola is a non-profit corporation committed to helping individuals attain truth, love, and self-control in their relationships with others.  This ministry seeks to help hurting people, equip the saints, and unite the community.

2. This ministry is supported through donations from local individuals, businesses and churches.  I will not be charged for ATLAS services, but I can share in this ministry.  My financial donation will allow this ministry to continue assisting those with special financial, spiritual, and physical needs.

3. ATLAS of Osceola and its staff are not licensed therapists, psychiatrists, or medical practitioners.

4. ATLAS of Osceola and its staff are mandated by law to report any minor (under 18 years of age), elder (over 65 years of age), or vulnerable adult who is currently endangered by abuse, and to report if I am suspected of being a danger to myself or others.

5. If I am a minor, I understand that ATLAS staff may share information with my parent(s)/guardian(s) as deemed necessary.

 6. ATLAS of Osceola and its staff will help me see myself, my relationships, and my circumstances through God’s truth, love, and self-control, but I am responsible for my own choices and actions.


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ATLAS Board Members

  • John Van Diepen - President
  • Deb Kosters - Secretary
  • Gary Hielkema
  • Steve Swensen
  • Brad Jensen
  • Peg Van Kley
  • Kathleen Osterman


955 2nd Avenue
Sibley, Iowa
(712) 754-4311
Fax: (712) 754-4337
Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00-5:00
Jun-Aug: Closed Fridays