Clark writes:

Here we are in the middle of January.  As I look out the office windows the snow is swirling and the temp is falling; hardly seems fit for man or beast outside.  Much has transpired since the comparatively warm October days when you were reading our last newsletter.  Many new faces have come through our door looking for encouragement and hope.  Daily we strive to help those with spiritual, emotional, physical and financial needs.  To date, we have laughed, cried, listened to and prayed with numerous clients and count each opportunity a privilege.  Like the snow outside, my mind swirls with all the stories I’d like to share with you.  However, I’ll let a thank-you note from a mother in Idaho (of all places!) do the sharing for me.

Dear Clark and ATLAS of Osceola,
 It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm I write this letter of gratitude as we enjoy the holidays knowing our son is safe and at home. I called ATLAS in November seeking assistance with a situation regarding my19 year old son who had recently graduated from the Idaho Job Corps. He was transferred to Minnesota with 3 other boys for their first job. A few days after getting to Minnesota the transportation person had to leave and the boys had no way to work. Things got tough and Carlos used what little money he had to purchase a vehicle.  As he was transporting the vehicle from the place of purchase he was pulled over and taken into custody for no insurance or tags. He was placed on probation and received 84 hours of community service. By this time he was laid off his job and had no money to pay rent or his car payment; he was in a big mess.
 I searched for someone to help Carlos and couldn't get far until I called ATLAS. I explained the situation of my son and ATLAS took on a big responsibility; that was to help Carlos get home to Idaho. I would like to say one thing that really melted my heart and that was the dedication and intervention displayed by Clark.  He personally took interest in seeing that my son completed his community service hours and made sure Carlos was front and center and kept him accountable.
 To make a long story short, Clark and Carlos hung-out together frequently. Clark was very busy but found time to spend with Carlos, coaching him, taking him to church, out for meals, helped him with his bus ticket, and all the paperwork, etc. for his probation release.
Carlos is home!   He left Minnesota on his birthday, November 24, 2008 and arrived on Thanksgiving, one day earlier than expected.   Everyone was in shock!  “Carlos, you’re HERE!”  We all greeted him with loving arms. We were so happy to see him home. "Clark", our heart goes out to you and ATLAS.  It’s because of your kindness and firm personality, my son Carlos stayed on track and took care of his responsibilities, and most of all, made it home for Thanksgiving!   Keep up the good work and may the Lord bless you and your future tasks at ATLAS.
Carlos sends his Love "as well as MOM"      


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