Think About It...

One day, when you are in heaven, someone will come up to you and thank you for the way you touched his or her life. Their words will take you by surprise but soon another person will seek you out, and then another.

As you listen to each one's story you will begin to discover all the ways that God used your life when you were unaware of it. You will find that it was often not through the big things you did, but through an encouraging word, a spontaneous act of kindness, a loving attitude, or a caring smile.

To your joy, you will discover that in all these ways and more, God used you to deposit an eternal measure of His love into many needy hearts.

ATLAS Board Members

  • John Van Diepen - President
  • Deb Kosters - Secretary
  • Gary Hielkema
  • Steve Swensen
  • Brad Jensen
  • Peg Van Kley
  • Kathleen Osterman


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